Thursday, February 4, 2010

Budgetary Support for the Cabinet Committee on International Narcotics Control

February 7, 1972


The Cabinet Committee on International Narcotics Control was created September 7, 1971, by the President to centralize his attack on the international drug traffic.

The Committee does not have a separate budget.

Salary and administrative support for its small, full-time staff has been provided by the Executive Office of the President. Other expenses are being charged to the constituent agencies and departments.

The Bureau of Customs, BNDD, and AID/Office of Public Safety have provided support to date.

The CIA should be prepared to defray not more than fifteen thousand dollars in overseas travel expenses for Cabinet Committee staff during the remainder of FY 1972.

Walter C. Minnick, the Committee's Staff Coordinator, can be contacted for further details.

Thank you for your assistance.

Egil Krogh, Jr.
Executive Director
Cabinet Committee on
International Narcotics Control

CC: John Ehrlichman
Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs

Mark Alger
OMB, Chief, General Government Programs Division

CIA Representative, CCINC Working Group

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