Friday, February 5, 2010

Review of Minutes of Morning Meetings

31 MAY 1973


Per your request relayed through Ben Evans, we have read the minutes of the Director's morning meetings covering the period from 1 July 1970 through 31 March 1973 looking for any items appearing to relate in any way to Watergate, the "plumbers," Agency involvement in the nominating conventions, or any other sensitive matters surfaced in the course of our present inquiries. We sifted rather finely and ended up with some 25-30 pages of material that we have in rough typescript. I doubt that it is worth while typing them in final, since you would be little enlightened by wading through them. We gave Ben Evans a copy at his request. The following are highlights:

There are about 25 entries during July and August 1971 relating to the Pentagon papers.

3 September 1970
The Director noted a 1 September memorandum from John Bross on Daniel Ellsberg. He asked the DDS to lift his clearances and to make this fact known in security channels.

23 December 1970 (DDCI in the chair)
Executive Director called attention to the President's 21 December memorandum on "Disclosures of Classified Information and Coordination and Clearance of Official Statements," which is believed to be the result of representations by the Director and Admiral Anderson. Executive Director said that he will meet with selected Executive Committee Members next week to discuss the memorandum's implications and to develop recommendations for action by the Director in view of the special responsibilities placed on him by the President.

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