Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Excerpt, WVB Daily Log of 30 May 1973.

1100: [...] called WVB, to bring to his attention the fact that Kissinger has asked for some papers he'd received in summer of 1970; now wants to see them again. One, Restless Youth (June 1970). OCI wrote a whole set of country chapters; and [...] of the CS (since left CIA) wrote a more sensitive piece drawing on US and other counties for examples to make its point. OCI balked--didn't want to do anything on the US side. The whole project eventually was turned over to CA. [...] worked under [...] supervision [...] also left--in Boston).

Thereafter, in August 1970, because we had done so much work we published a separate paper "Student Unrest Abroad"---compilation of the country studies.

WVB: There was a 3rd---on the Caribbean--black aspects.

WVB is familiar with the 3---but didn't know about the [...] aspects.

Per [...] Kissinger had told Latimer "You guys sent me a paper; I sent it back with some nice words on it--would like to see again" (not a direct quote). WVB said he had the DDI's copy. Whitman says Latimer has copies of both reports. His records suggest that [...] paper was carried to San Clemente perhaps by Gen. Cushman, but gathered Cushman had been unable to deliver it to Kissinger. Could be that Kissinger didn't see [...] only the others. Records do not confirm this in detail. Latimer is struggling with Kissinger's request.

WVB said he'd check with [...] who has all that stuff....

cm/30 May 73

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