Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Watergate Plumbers - Timeline: Late 1971

8 July 1971
DDCI reported that John Ehrlichan had telephoned to advise us that the White House is appointing former CIA employee Howard Hunt as a security consultant.

Another account of the Morning Meeting of this date reads:

It was also announced that Howard Hunt has been named security consultant to the White House. General Cushman told Ehrlichman that Mr. Hunt would have full cooperation from CIA.

16 July 1971
Carver said that [...] was most appreciative of the time which Houston spent with him yesterday.

22 July 1971 (the day Howard Hunt came to see General Cushman)
Carver highlighted his session yesterday with NSC staffer David Young, who is assisting John Ehrlichman in reviewing the secret Pentagon papers.

18 August 1971
A-DDP noted that he has reported to White House staffer David Young on the results of the Deputy Director of Security's survey of those who saw the classified assessment upon which Tad Szulc based his 13 August article.

11 November 1971
In response to the Director's question Carver said that some work requested by John Ehrlichman is pending. The Director asked to be filled in later on the details.

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