Saturday, January 16, 2010

CIA Domestic Activities Timeline - August 1972

1 August 1972
DDS related that Mr. [...] of the CI Staff received a call from the Secret Service requesting our training film on defensive driving. The Director interposed no objection to making this film available.

8 August 1972
Houston reported that Judge McArdle granted a motion for summary judgment in the Tofte case.

21 August 1972
Houston noted a telephone call from Howard Hunt who explained that his attorney was with him and had a question about a friend's past affiliation with the Agency. [...] DD/Sec, has reviewed the employment, and Houston reported that he replied directly to Hunt's friend, Mr. [...] that his old affiliation should create no problems in connection with his appearance before a grand jury.

22 August 1972
Thuermer reported on a call from a Mr. Crewdson of the New York Times who said he was "formally requesting" a photograph of Howard Hunt. The DDP observed that we are under no obligation to provide a photograph, and Thuermer said he had declined.

23 August 1972
DDI noted a letter from the McGovern campaign headquarters requesting the FBIS daily white book and any recent studies on Southeast Asia. A brief discussion followed and the letter will be disregarded.

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