Friday, January 15, 2010

CIA Domestic Activities Timeline - July 1972

5 July 1972
Houston called attention to the judge's ruling in the Ellsberg/Russo case denying the defense motion for an evidentiary hearing, as a result of which the subpoena directed at CIA is suspended.

11 July 1972
DDI noted press attention attached to Secretary of Commerce Peterson's planned trip to the Soviet Union and observed that [...] It was also noted that [...] a secretary assigned to Peterson's office when he was Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs, continues to work for him and may go to the Soviet Union. She will be in a LWOP status during the remainder of her tenure with the Secretary.

14 July 1972
Carver recalled that we have provided some briefings to Senator Eagleton on Vietnam. The Director said that in time we will receive instructions from the White House on briefing Senators McGovern and Eagleton.

20 July 1972
Houston reported that the Justice Department is anxious that no comment be made on the Ellsberg/Russo trial and that any inquiries should be referred to the Justice Department's Public Relations Office.

24 July 1972
Houston noted that he had called David Young's attention to the fact that the White House (NSC Staff) is not utilizing the new classification procedures.

25 July 1972
Maury reported that according to White House Staffer John Lehman, David Young is of the opinion that Estimates are subject to declassification after ten years. Houston will see Mr. Young to straighten him out on this topic.

26 July 1972
The Director . . . went on to ask the DDS for the background of a decision to have [...] of the Office of Security accompany Fred Flott on a White House survey of the drug scene in Southeast Asia. The Director said that in the future his or the DDCI's prior approval will be required in all cases where the Agency is asked by the White House or any other element of the Government to send an Agency officer on a narcotics-connected mission.

27 July 1972
DDP reported that Cord Meyer advised Bud Krogh of the White House staff of our unwillingness to have [...] accompany a new narcotics survey team to Southeast Asia and the possibility that Krogh may call the Director to reclama. The Director briefed on the background on this decision and noted his conversation with Al Haig on this topic.

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