Thursday, January 7, 2010

Intelligence Analysis and Issues for Congress

The Intelligence Reform Act provides that the DNI will assume responsibilities for
managing the NIC. The DNI will be support by the NIC staff (probably numbering less
than 100 positions). This gives the DNI the capability to oversee the preparation of NIEs
and to ensure that the views of all agencies have been taken into consideration in interagency
assessments. A major change will be the fact that the NIOs and their staff will
work for one person (the DNI) while CIA analysts will report to a separate Director of the
CIA. Congress may ultimately assess whether these changes, as they are implemented,
have improved the efforts of the Intelligence Community and its analytical products.

The future responsibility for the production and presentation of the PDB/SEIBs is
uncertain. They are currently prepared by CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence, and that
responsibility could be continued. On the other hand, if the DNI, rather than the CIA
Director, is to conduct the daily briefing for the President and senior White House
officials, it might be argued that the DNI and the DNI’s immediate staff should have
responsibility for the document that provides the basis for the daily briefings.

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