Thursday, December 3, 2009

CIA Domestic Activities Timeline - Early 1971

14 January 1971
Bross said that he and Bronson Tweedy will have lunch today with General Bennett, Director of DIA. The Director said that he might ask Bross to take along a copy of his letter and guidance on the Disclosures of Classified Information and Coordination and Clearance of Official Statements but that he first wishes to clarify with the Executive Director some of the language in the guidance section.

18 January 1971
Maury said that he anticipates a number of questions from the Hill on the attached article by Jack Anderson in today's Washington Post, "6 Attempts to Kill Castro Laid to CIA."

Houston related that he will have lunch today with Assistant General Robert C. Mardian to discuss the Director's guidelines on the disclosure of classified information.

Bross related that Parrott met with General Bennett to review the Director's letter on disclosure of classified information and said that General Bennett will now discuss it with Deputy Secretary Packard, who may in turn review it with Secretary Laird. The Director asked to be advised of Secretary Packard's reactions and said that he wants to check the final guidance with Secretary Laird and with someone in the White House before it is issued.

23 February 1971
DD/P called attention to Jack Anderson's column in today's Washington Post, "Castro Stalker Worked For The CIA."

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