Sunday, December 6, 2009

Draft of Letter to New York Times - (Truth Commission I)

13 April 1993



I request your concurrence on this draft letter to The New York Times. On 2 April 1993, Anthony Lewis wrote a column (attached) alleging that the Agency withheld intelligence from Congress concerning the assassination of Archbishop Romero in El Salvador in 1980.

This draft has been coordinated with DD/OCA [...]. He accompanied me to the SSCI on 12 April, when we showed staffers that the intelligence acquired on the assassination, referred to by Lewis, was provided to the committee (in fact, probably within two weeks after the Field reported it). [...] the staffers said they would not object to our stating that the intelligence was provided to the committee.

I am also asking for the DDCI's concurrence on the draft. Then I will give it back to [...] to run by the SSCI before we send it to The New York Times later this week.




Deputy Director for Operations

16 APR 1993

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