Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CIA Domestic Activities Timeline - Late 1970

9 July 1970
The Director advised the DD/I that White House staffer Houston and Presidential Counsellor Pat Moynihan thought well of the memorandum on "Black Radicalism in the Caribbean."

10 July 1970
Maury briefed on his meeting yesterday with Congressman Richard Ichord, Chairman of the House Internal Security Committee, who had asked what we are doing to investigate "security leaks" connected with press accounts of Lon Nol's having sold rice to the Communists and having engaged in an attempted deal with Hanoi. Maury briefed on his explanation of why we are doing nothing, since such reports are not exclusively confined to our information.

1 September 1970
Maury noted that the Director sent a letter to Congressman Moss on telephone monitoring practices.

3 September 1970
The Director noted a 1 September memorandum from John Bross on Daniel Ellsberg. He asked the DDS to lift his clearances and to make this fact known in security channels.

15 October 1970
DDS reported that the Weathermen have declared this month for their fall offensive and have mentioned the Agency as a target for bombings and kidnapping. He briefed on precautionary measures adopted and asked senior officers to vary their route to and from work, and to report any peculiar telephone calls or unusual events around their residence.

28 October 1970
DDP reported that the FBI desires to check for fingerprints on all cryptogram messages mailed to high Government officials. The messages will then be passed to NSA for exploitation. DDP requested that Agency personnel who received such messages pass them to him for transmittal to the FBI.

10 December 1970
DDI noted press accounts of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's 19 November statement that the Black Panthers are supported by terrorist organizations. He said that we have examined the FBI's related files and our own data and find no indication of any relationship between the fedayeen and the Black Panthers. He provided the Director with a memorandum on this topic.

23 December 1970
Executive Director called attention to the President's 21 December memorandum on "Disclosures of Classified Information and Coordination and Clearance of Official Statements," which is believed to be the result of representations by the Director and Admiral Anderson. Executive Director said that he will meet with selected Executive Committee Members next week to discuss the memorandum's implications and to develop recommendations for action by the Director in view of the special responsibilities placed on him by the President.

29 December 1970
Executive Director reminded Executive Committee participants about the meeting involving most of them this morning on the President's directive on disclosure of classified information.

30 December 1970
Executive Director briefed on the results of yesterday's meeting on what the Director now needs to do in pursuance of the President's directive on disclosure of classified information. He will outline in the Director's briefing book actions which are to be taken.

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