Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Activity #4: Methods of Assessing Behavior, Motivation, Attitude, and Adaptive Capacities

1. To implement this Activity we will evaluate the effectiveness of all psychological testing and interviewing procedures used in the assessment of men and their future performance with special emphasis upon their application to intelligence service personnel. Where possible we will design and develop new procedures to meet our requirements.

2. We will therefore require access to the pertinent file information on both successful and unsuccessful intelligence agents so that we may analyze the factors which have been responsible for their success or failure. We also require access to information, whether in agency files, operational libraries and published documents relating to the total concept of intelligence, treason or counter-intelligence. We will use this material for our operational research and orientation in the subject of espionage and its individuals. We are now engaged in seeking the best qualified, psychologically trained scientists to participate in the research and testing phases of this activity. Their availability to us is presently contingent upon their security clearance.

3. When criteria for selecting good intelligence agents have been drawn up they will be applied to the alien [...] (Activity #1). We will critically review the performance of these and all other agents selected under this program, and utilize the information obtained as a continuing guide the improvement of our techniques.

4. As we perfect our testing and interview techniques and procedures, and define the criteria for selection of personnel, we will compile a handbook for the Agency as the instructions and guide in the total management of intelligence agents.

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