Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Activity #5: Consultative Services for Relevant Agency Problems, Special Services

1. Effective immediately upon the procurement of a secure headquarters facility, we are prepared to set up a central advisory and scientific consultative service to assist the Agency on all matters relative to [...] and other fields of operational interest. We will function as:

(1) A repository and collecting center for information assembled under Activities #'s I to IV.

(2) A center for conferences and seminars relating to:

a. Exchange of information between our staff and the Agency.

b. The problems arising under activities of [...]

c. Orientation and instruction of Agency personnel.

2. In response to specific operational requirements placed upon us by the Agency, we will be prepared to consult, evaluate and advise on methods for their solution. If required, specific experimental investigative programs for each requirement can be set up, and our staff members will make themselves available for Field investigations.

3. We will prepare scientific papers for the Agency upon specific requests relating to topics of mutual interest.

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