Friday, October 30, 2009

Bluebird Team - Medical Summary

Office Memorandum - United States Government

DATE: 24 November 1950

TO: Chief, I & S Staff

FROM: Bluebird Team

SUBJECT: Medical Summary [...] File No.: [...] - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The drug used in this case was Sodium Amytal intravenously, 8% solution at the rate of 1 cc a minute. The stimulant employed was Benzedrine intravenously at the rate of 1 cc a minute plus 10 mg given orally at the completion of the technique.

The intravenous injection was begun at 1332. At 1342, 9.1 cc had been administered. At 1345 the Subject was sound asleep. It was possible to arouse him but in order to obtain the exact state desired, same stimulant was administered, that is, intravenous Benzedrine. At 1405, he was accessible, but his speech was quite thick. At that time 1 cc more of Benzedrine was given intravenously following which he was in the proper state for the transference. The interrogation and other conversation was continued until 1449 when the Subject was told to go to sleep, which he did. At 1453, he was given 8 cc of the Benzedrine solution, following which he became quite wide awake. At 1615, 1 Benzedrine tablet was given to be taken orally, the dose being 10 mg.

The Subject was thoroughly convinced that the medication was administered solely for the purpose of helping him in regard to the [...] machine technique, that is, for the reduction of his nervousness. He had amnesia as to his conversation under the influence of the medication.

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