Saturday, October 31, 2009

Priority Requirement for the use of Drug-Induced Hypnosis Interrogation Technique

19 June 1950

Attn: Colonel Sheffield Edwards

FROM: Chief, [...]

SUBJECT: Priority Requirement for the use of Drug-Induced Hypnosis Interrogation Technique in [...]

1. [...] has advised us that a large number of [...] are in the process of being repatriated to [...] from the USSR, where they have been interned since their capture by the Red Army in 1945. These [...] will be available within the very near future for intensive interrogation. In view of [...] and the length of time they have been interned, as well as known Soviet indoctrination of other [...] it is believed that without question they have been given the maximum amount of Soviet Communist indoctrination and that at least a portion of them have been recruited as Communist and Soviet espionage agents.

2. [...] has pointed out that this may represent an extremely valuable and unique opportunity whereby tremendously valuable results might be obtained by the use of the interrogation techniques involving drug-induced hypnosis. It is felt that this represents a definite priority and that all possible effort should be undertaken to have appropriate [...] from this group completely and fully interrogated with the use of these techniques. We are in a position to arrange such interrogations in [...] securely and effectively.

Action: It will be appreciated if you will advise me whether appropriate IAS personnel can be made available to proceed to [...] on a TDY basis for the purpose of assisting in conducting such interrogations. Your concurrence in this is strongly recommended and, if you concur, [...] will immediately arrange for the selection of [...] for such interrogation on the basis of their personal history, background, and the aspects of their initial interrogation by CIC in [...]. It would be appreciated also if you will advise us of your decision in this matter as soon as possible.

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