Friday, October 30, 2009

Recent Activities of the Watergate Special Prosecution Staff

17 December 1973


1. Early in the evening of 10 December 1973, I received a telephone call from [...] who informed that he, in turn, had received a call from [...] Intelligence Division, Washington Metropolitan Police Department.

2. It seems that [...] had just spent an hour in conversation at his home with a [...] in the Washington Metropolitan Police Department who had reported to him on his interview that afternoon with a Mr. Martin and a Mr. Horowitz, prosecutors of the Watergate Special Prosecution Staff. [...] had been subpoenaed for his appearance and he indicated to [...] that the two prosecutors were principally concerned with two matters:

a. What type of training had the Agency given members of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department? how long were the courses? and how often were they given?

b. What support did the Agency provide to the Washington Metropolitan Police Department during demonstrations occurring in the Washington area in late 1969 and early 1970?

3. [...] said that he had been shown a long list of names and asked if any of them had been involved either with the training given the Washington Metropolitan Police Department or the support to the Washington Metropolitan Police Department during the demonstrations. [...] could remember only three names on the list. They were: [...]

4. The three individuals named by [...] did in fact participate in both the training and support during the demonstrations. They are only three among others of my [...] special support group who were involved in these activities. Of extreme sensitivity is the fact that these same individuals were engaged in other highly sensitive activities which could cause the Agency severe embarrassment if they were surfaced today in the current "Watergate climate."

5. I briefed the Director personally on this development and he indicated that if the training and demonstrations surfaced that he would simply acknowledge that this had occurred but as he had assured members of Congress, we would not engage in this type of activity in the future. He agreed with my suggestion that we have the Legislative Counsel brief Congressman Nedzi and Senator Stennis on this since they have already been briefed on all activities of this nature undertaken by the Agency in the past. I briefed Mr. John Warner, Acting General Counsel, and agreed with him that we would make no effort to brief members of my [...] until and if they are subpoenaed. Mr. Warner or members of his Staff will then caution them to only answer questions asked and not volunteer additional information. I am making a copy of this memorandum available to [...] of the Inspector General's Staff at the suggestion of the Inspector General, who I also briefed on this development.

Howard J. Osborn
Director of Security

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