Thursday, October 22, 2009

Project ARTICHOKE - Draft of a New Technique


In cooperation with [...] desires to test a new ARTICHOKE technique. The technique does not require the high security considerations utilized by ARTICHOKE team on its last visit in that the application of the technique to the subject takes place under perfectly normal circumstances without the subject being aware of the application of the technique. There are no after effects. It is desired that a minimum of 10 subjects be found for testing purposes. The subjects should be persons who are suspected of having more information than they have divulged to date. They should have a motivation for deception for withholding of information. They should be persons who have been previously thoroughly interrogated by case officers and those case officers should be available to conduct the interrogation during the application of the technique and in the position to determine whether the subject reveals information hitherto undisclosed as a result of this technique. Team members will not be present during the course of the interrogation but will observe and monitor the interrogation to determine reactions of the subject, psychological behavior, medical reactions and other aspects of this type of interrogation. Suggested types of subjects might be certain [...] in the [...] scientific personnel recently return from [...] and agents or indigenous personnel utilized by the operations in the field.

The knowledge of this technique should be restricted only to senior officials in a position to produce subjects described above. In addition, knowledge of team activities should be restricted to the minimum number of persons necessary.

(...) will be in charge of the team and act as liaison point with station personnel. Support in the form of facilities and other assistance will be required of [...] and [...] (USE PSEUDO). It is desired that subjects be selected in order that the team arrival on approximately 16 August will permit immediate processing of the subjects selected. [...] will arrive in a few days in advance of the team to confirm arrangements and prepare the schedules of interrogations and the conditions under which those interrogations will be carried out.

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