Sunday, October 25, 2009

Identification of Activities with Embarrassment Potential for the Agency

15 May 1973

MEMORANDUM FOR: Mr. Howard Osborn, Director of Security

1. In responding on 7 May by memorandum to the DDO's request for the identification of any incident which might conceivably have an embarrassment potential for the Agency, I cited the equipment test which is mentioned in the attached memo. The test in question was related to the development of [...] and in the course of running these tests, our technicians were in and out of some four hotels in Miami, with radio equipment. This was shortly before the political conventions, and at least one of the hotels was within a block of the convention hall.

2. Although this completely innocent--although subject to misconstrual--activity may already have been drawn to your attention by your own staff, it has occurred to us that we should ensure you are aware of it, given the involvement of a Security officer, [...].

Chief, Division D

M/R dated 7 May 73 by [...]
subj: [...] Equipment
Test, Miami, Fla., Aug 71


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