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Activities which might be considered sensitive issues.

11 MAY 1973

MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, Central Intelligence Agency

THROUGH: Deputy Director for Management and Services

I have listed below computer processing projects which the Office of Joint Computer Support has participated in or is aware of and which might be considered sensitive issues.

OJCS Project IdentificationProject Officer, Organization, & TelephoneNature of ProjectOJCS Reason for Listing
Most Sensitive Projects
HYDRARichard Ober
CI Staff
A special project initiated by DCIType of data being collected.
SANCAOSMachine index to security filesType of data in index.
[redacted]ORDInformation storage & retrieval of drug related data (ORD's project OFTEN)Type of data in files.
Sensitive Projects
[redacted][redacted]Computer file of drug data.Type of data in file.
[redacted]TSDStatistical analysis of psychological data.Source of data. Contractors are involved with project.
Sensitivity Unknown, but Possibly a Matter for Concern
[redacted][redacted][redacted]Nature of data. Techniques of system discussed with FBI.
SPYDEROSData on radio frequencies used for support of In-Place Monitoring System, a system to identify unauthorized transmitters.
DMVRECOSFile of automobile license numbers.Nature of data.
[redacted][redacted]File of Agency applicants who were not hired.Nature of data.
[redacted][redacted][redacted]Association with the named organization.

Director for Joint Computer Support

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