Saturday, November 14, 2009

Silent Killing - Section 1

Blows with the side of the hand. Explain that the most deadly blows, without the aid of weapons, are those with the side of the hand. To deliver them effectively, the fingers must be together, thumb up, and the whole hand tensed. The blow is struck with the side of the hand, all the force being concentrated in one small area, i.e., approximately half-way between the base of the little finger and the wrist joint, or where the hand is broadest. If striking sideways, the back of the hand must be uppermost. No force can be obtained if the palm is uppermost.

Explain that with these blows, it is possible to kill, temporarily paralyse, break bones or badly hurt, depending upon the part of the body that is struck. The effect of these blows if obtained by the speed with which they are delivered rather than by the weight behind them. They can be made from almost any position, whether the striker is on balance or not, and thus can be delivered more quickly than any other blow.

Having explained the blows, the instructor should demonstrate them on the dummies and get the students to practice after him. His main point here is to bring out the speed of the blows and to see that students deliver them correctly.

Students should now be shown where to strike, as follows, explaining the effect on each particular point:

On the back of the neck, immediately on either side of the spine.
On the upper arm.
On the fore arm.
On either side of the head and throat.
From the bridge of the nose to the base of the throat.
The kidney region.

Students should practice on the dummies again, keeping in mind the vulnerable points listed above. Strike with either hand.

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