Thursday, November 19, 2009

Silent Killing - Section 6 - Knife Fighting

The knife is a silent and deadly weapon that is easily concealed and against which in the hands of an expert, there is no sure defense, except fire-arms or by running like hell.

Students should be taught how to hold a knife, how to pass it from one hand to another, to thrust, and how to use the disengaged hand to feint and parry.

After practicing these, show them the vulnerable points, slashes permissible and how to make an opening for a thrust by flinging a hat, gravel or other object in his face. Stress the value of surprise, showing the opportunities for it.

Explain the various methods of carrying a knife, and the value of a really sharp point and edge, the latter being to prevent the knife from being seized as much as for slashing.

After the foregoing has been fully mastered, explain the possible defences against the knife, such as the parries, kicks, use of a chair and using a steel helmet as a shield.

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