Sunday, November 15, 2009

Contacts with Individuals Named in the Watergate Matter

MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Management and Services

1. I am addressing this to you instead of to the Director of Central Intelligence since I doubt that the information contained herein is of such significance to warrant his interest and because it has been on record with the Agency since July 1972. However, if you feel that the information is of such interest that it should be forwarded to the Director I shall put it in the proper format to do so.

2. My only contact with anyone named in connection with the Watergate and related matters was through [...] a former Agency employee now retired and living in Winterhaven, Florida. In December 1971 [...] called me from Florida and advised that he wanted to get in touch with Howard Hunt. He said that he did not have Hunt's home phone number and that it was probably unlisted but that since Hunt was a former employee, could I contact Hunt and ask him to give [...] a call. I had only met Hunt once about 10 years before but I agreed to relay the message. I called Howard Hunt at his home and told him that [...] did not have his home phone and requested he call [...]. Mr. Hunt thanked me for relaying the message and said that he would call [...]. This seemed of little consequence to me in December 1971 but in July 1972 [...] of the Office of Security contacted me in regard to the FBI investigation of the Watergate situation. At that time I informed [...] of the telephone call from [...] in December 1971. Attached is a copy of a Memorandum for the Record prepared by [...] as a result of our conversation.

3. In the summer of 1972 I took my family to Disney World in Florida and took that occasion to drop in to see [...] told me in a private conversation that he had been interviewed three or four times by the FBI in connection with the Watergate affair and he related to me his contact with Howard Hunt. On 19 July 1972 after my return from Florida I reported this conversation to the Director of Security and made it a Memorandum for the Record. This memorandum was sent to Mr. Colby and a copy of the memorandum is attached.

4. Other than knowing Mr. McCord through his employment with the Agency and meeting Howard Hunt once in about 1959, I do not know nor have I had any contact with any individuals named or knowledge of related matters now receiving attention in the press.

Charles W. Kane
Special Assistant to the Deputy Director for Management and Services

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