Thursday, November 12, 2009

Organizational Dealings with Activities Inside the United States

9 May 1973


1. This MFR records organizational dealings with activities inside the United States known to this office.

2. In September 1972, [...] requested secure communications in the Miami Area with local offices of BNDD and Customs. [...] The communications link was never installed [...] advised in April 1973 that there were plans underway in Miami to combine various Federal agencies anti-drug efforts under a new Justice Department Division, and at this time it was not known where the new anti-drug office would be located. [...]

3. During the Democratic and Republican conventions, [...] supported requirements levied by the Secret Service concerning name traces and other intelligence information relating to subversive influences which might affect those conventions. [...] provided some technical advice and procedural assistance in establishing a useful means of communicating between the two correspondents. WHD should be able to provide a detailed resume of activities supported in this matter.

Thomas E. O'Donnell
Chief, Americas Staff, OC

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