Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Retirement Information - E. Howard Hunt

1. Date of retirement: 30 April 1970

2. System: CIA Retirement and Disability System

3. Grade and salary at time of retirement: GS-15, Step 8 - $28,226

4. Creditable civilian service used in computing annuity:

17 May 1948 to 8 June 1948 - Economic Cooperation Administration
9 June 1948 to 19 February 1949 - State (BCA)
8 November 1949 to 30 April 1970 - CIA

5. Annuity:

At retirement - $1,020 per month
At present - $1,181 per month (which includes cost-of-living increases since date of retirement)

6. At the time of retirement Mr. Hunt did not elect survivorship benefits. This meant that upon his death, his wife would not draw a survivorship annuity. By letter of 5 April 1971 he raised the question of changing his election but was informed by the General Counsel on 6 May 1971 that this could not be done. By letter dated 5 May 1972 Mr. Hunt asked Mr. Houston to raise with the Director the possibility of being recalled to duty for a short period of time, after which he could retire again and elect survivorship benefits. By letter of 16 May 1972 Mr. Houston advised Mr. Hunt that to call him back to duty solely for the purpose of permitting him to change survivorship benefits would be in violation of the spirit of the CIA Retirement Act.

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