Sunday, November 15, 2009

Silent Killing - Section 2

Other blows. Demonstrate the proper method of kicking and the use of the boot as a killing weapon once the opponent is down. (kick on the side or back of the head, noting that the effect is obtained more by speed than weight.) Unless students possess unusually good foot-work and balance, discourage kicking above knee height, unless the opponent has both hands occupied.

Demonstrate the boxing blows and the chin-jab, the latter with the fingers ready to follow up to the eyes. Utilize the occasion to obtain some improvement in students' foot-work and explain how the body must be properly positioned in order to obtain telling effect from either boxing blows or the openhand chin-jab. Explain that neither does more than put the opponent temporarily out of action and that killing follow-ups are necessary and must be applied at once.

Show the use of the knee and how it can often be used in simultaneous combination with other attacks and how, while being used, it is an excellent guard for one's self.

Show how the head and elbows can be used for attack when the opponent is not in position for more effective modes of attack.

Show, also, for such occasions, the finger-tip jabs to the eyes, base of the throat and solar plexus.

Students should be told now never to go to the ground if they can help it. If they have to, they should get up again as quickly as possible. While you are killing your opponent on the ground, it is extremely difficult to continue to attack.

Students should now practice on the dummies all the blows they have been taught so far.

This section can be concluded by emphasizing to students that if their knowledge of the subject is limited to the contents of Sections 1 and 2, they will be extremely dangerous antagonists if only they will attack first and keep on attacking. Don't stop just because an opponent is crippled. If he has a broken arm, that is only of value because it makes it easier to kill him.

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