Friday, November 20, 2009

Silent Killing - Section 7

Useful aids, mainly for special needs and occasions.

1. Different methods of taking a sentry.

2. The open handed strangle, closing the catorid arteries.

3. The spinal dislocators, from the front, standing, and from the rear, sitting.

4. Disarming: if held up with a pistol:
a) from the front.
b) from behind.
c) disarming a man found holding up someone else.

5. Searching a prisoner, unaided, if you are armed:
a) if there is a wall handy.
b) if there is no wall handy. In this case, either search with the pistol at the quarter-hip position, or make the prisoner lie face to the ground, securing him with the leg-lock. In either case, the search can only be perfunctory, the leg-lock method being slightly the better of the two.

If circumstances permit, kill the prisoner first. It is much easier to search him thoroughly when he is dead. Or, if circumstances do not permit of killing him, knock him out while he is lying face to the ground.

6. Securing a prisoner. Easiest done if you knock him out first. Show the conventional method, using 15 feet of cord and any effective knot. Show also, what can be done with less cord, or with belt or braces, and how to gag him simply.

7. Arm-break, stressing its simplicity and value in crowd-fighting.

8. Beat-arm hold, with its variations. For use if you have not been quick enough to get in an effective blow while your opponent's arm is raised to strike.

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