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Technical Training for Local Police Department

I. The first segment of technical training by Training Branch was conducted during the period 7 October - 26 November 1968. The following schedule and subjects were used in the training of six members of the Metropolitan Police Department.

A. 7-18 October - Surreptitious Entry
Content of Subject taught:

1. Familiarization and identity of American locks.
2. Method of manipulation of locks.
3. Methods and techniques of conducting Surreptitious Entry Survey.

B. 21-29 October - Photo Surveillance
Content of Subject taught:

1. Familiarization with cameras: Pentax Spotmatic, Leica, Nikon F, Robot and Polaroid.
2. Lens, telephoto and wide angle.
3. Exposure Meter, Tripods, Bowum, etc.
4. Film, film processing and print processing.
5. Document copy exercises.
6. Night Photography and night exercises.
7. TV Surveillance.

C. 18-23 November - Audio Surveillance
Content of Subject taught:

1. Microphones, wire impedances and line amplifiers. (Shure MC-30, Sennheiser MM-22, RCA - BK - 6B and RCA BK-12a all commercially available)
2. RF commercial transmitter. (Research Products, Tracer Inc., Scientific Research Corp.)
3. [...]
4. Telephone Taps. (Obsolete model DR-2 equipment which are available to government and law enforcement agencies).
5. Recorders (Ampex-601-2 Stereo, Revere T-204 Mona, Uher 4000L, all commercially obtainable).
6. Plastering and Wall Restoration.

D. 24-26 November - Operational Problem and Exercise

1. This problem entailed an operational exercise against three of our Safesites. The students had to survey, case and penetrate these locations using surreptitious entry, photography and audio surveillance.
2. All these safesites, two apartments in [...] and one on [...] have been turned back to Agency Real Estate and have since then been terminated. Formal class instruction was conducted at [...].

II. After this first MPD group other police departments personnel trained using the identical safe sites and employing the same subject matter and commercial equipment as indicated above were taught on the following dates: The Fairfax Police Department and Arlington Police Department. Date - 21 October - 10 December 1968. Six officers, 4 from APD and 2 from FPD.

III. In 1969 additional officers from the Metropolitan Police Department, Fairfax Police Department and Arlington Police Department received identical training as that stated above. In total 24 police officers were trained in our facilities.

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