Thursday, November 26, 2009

V. Russia's Purpose

18 March 1949

Although Russia has officially sided with Israel she is actually on the side of disorder and hunger. Russia and her satellites armed Israel to an extent few people in the United States understand, but Communists are also active among the Arabs. They may upset the Iraq Government at any time; they have succeeded in establishing contact with the President of Syria to whom overtures have been made; they have captured the leadership of Arabs in Nazareth, Jaffa, and Acre, who are despairing of any effective help from Arab countries and are turning to Communism. (In Nazareth, for example, no one can hold or get a job without the permission of the Communist boss.) The USSR will help Israel expand until the Arab Governments as well as British and American policies are completely discredited. The Russians will then decide whether to make a puppet of the Zionists or of the Arabs -- if the situation in the Near East continues to degenerate, Russia may find both parties begging for the honor. The Prime Ministers of two Arab countries told me they have reason to believe that, blocked in Western Europe, Russia will divert her Cold War to the "soft-underbelly" of the Near East.

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