Monday, November 16, 2009

Involvement in Sensitive Domestic Activities

8 May 1973

MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence
THROUGH: Deputy Director for Management and Services

1. As chief of the DDP Systems Group prior to 1969, I was involved in providing data processing support for the following sensitive projects:

a. CI Staff: Mr. Richard Ober's program for processing data of U.S. citizens believed to be militants, subversives, terrorists, etc.

b. FI and Office of Medical Services program for recording data on foreign and U.S. physicians

c. A Systems Group sponsored program of common concern listing travel of U.S. citizens to and from Communist countries.

2. In the same capacity my staff and I briefed police officers from New York State and Chicago at the DCI's request (Admiral Rayborn) on data processing techniques related to biographic intelligence (unclassified).

3. As a member of O/PPB, I have been aware of five programs with possibly sensitive domestic overtones.

a. DDS&T/ORD's contract with the [...]. The VIP Health and Behavior Prediction System.

b. DDS&T/ORD's Project OFTEn which involved the collection of data on dangerous drugs from U.S. firms. I believe Mr. Helms terminated this program last Fall.

c. DDS&T/ORD's project [...]

d. DDS&T/ORD's use of ERTS--A data to analyze Soviet wheat yields.

e. DDS&T Special Projects Staff - the [...] program.

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