Monday, November 16, 2009

Silent Killing - Section 3

Releases from holds.

Point out that, in general, a hold should be regarded much more as a means of getting a man into a position in which it is easier to kill him than as a means of keeping him captive.

Demonstrate releases from holds, showing the simpler ones first. These would be from:
  • A wrist grip.
  • A throat grip, with one hand or both. Show here how, instead of the customary wrist-and-elbow method of release, an attack is often far simpler and more effective. Explain also that it is usually because one has not been quick enough that an opponent has been able to grip one by the throat.
  • A hair-hold from the rear.
  • A body-hold from front or rear, arms pinioned and arms free.
Students should practice these releases until they are proficient.

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